this page is about me
locale foods i won't eat there foods i shouldn't eat there number of baby wipes i'll use
kline gluten and dairy gluten and dairy 4
friend's home nothing did you hear me the first time whatever's in the tote
the dorm the instant coffee i gratefully could not refuse anything in bed i bring the whole box to the bathroom
when does the switch turn? when doth one reach 'having more than a vague idea what the point all of this is. having some semblance of an answer to: what to do on a saturday morning when most of your work is done? consume? relate? go back to sleep?

DIARY ENTRY August 17th, 2016 you need to 'yes, and' for a while. it'll make everything easier

a banana
the best days are unrelenting
as my youth still weighs down my shoulders several aspects of my identity are wholly fabricated